Bologna 40 years later, the investigation into the instigators of the massacre


40 years aftermost bloody attack in the history of the Republic the new investigation by the Prosecutor General of Bologna on the principals takes shape, the piece that has always been missing to shed light on the massacre of August 2, 1980 which killed 85 and over 200 wounded. Following the money ‘track’, the pg gave a name to what they consider the four ‘minds’ of the massacre.

So, from the dead, they were accused Licio Gelli, venerable master of the P2 Masonic lodge, e Umberto Ortolani as mandate-financers; the former head of the Ministry of Interior’s Confidential Affairs Office Federico Umberto D’Amato indicated as principal-organizer; Mario Tedeschi, director of the magazine “Il Borghese” and former senator of the MSI considered organizer for having assisted D’Amato in the media management of the massacre – preparatory and subsequent – as well as in the activity of sidetracking the investigations.

Definitely sentenced

Four names that appear in the request with which the Prosecutor General (last May) asked for the judgment (the hearing before the gup has not yet been set) for the former black primula of the National Avant-Garde, Paolo Bellini believed to be among the perpetrators of the massacre.

Massacre for which the former Nar have already been definitively sentenced Valerio Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro, Luigi Ciavardini and at first instance (last January), Gilberto Cavallini.

To give a face to the alleged principals, the investigators made checks on various current accounts, also abroad, following ‘the money’. Cash flows, five million dollars – this is the hypothesis of the investigators – started from Swiss accounts attributable to Licio Gelli then used to finance, organize the attack and subsequently to sidetrack the investigation.

For months, investigators have flogged the records of trial on the crash of Banco Ambrosiano concentrating, as the investigation progressed (a terabyte of judicial documents) not only on those who acted materially but on the system of power – the Masonic lodge P2 and the deviated apparatuses of the state – which first organized and financed the attack and then he would try to obstruct the investigation.

Of course, since these are deceased people, the position of the alleged principals-financiers-organizers, indicated by the pg, will be closed but for the relatives of the victims it is already a significant step forward towards a full truth. The text chosen by the Association for the poster symbolizing the 40th anniversary of the explosion at the station also testifies to this: “The massacre was organized by the Masonic lodge P2, protected by the leaders of the Italian secret services, carried out by fascist terrorists”.

The Bologna Public Prosecutor’s Office had initiated the investigation into the principals in October 2017 after the ordinary Public Prosecutor had requested the filing of the file. The investigations were conducted by the finance guard, the digos and the Ros. The investigation started from a full-bodied defense brief presented to the public prosecutor’s office in Bologna by the lawyers of the Association of relatives of the victims of August 2.


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