Bolzano, on August 8, the Dalle Nogare Foundation tells about Time


Milan, August 1. (askanews) – “The aesthetics of time”, from one to infinite, is the last of three summer events designed to present and tell the Antonio Dalle Nogare collection in the Bolzano Foundation that bears his name. This trilogy will show, in a linear but not necessarily chronological way, how the works of the artists exhibited in the collection are born, looking at the same themes from different angles and reflecting the society of their time. The birth of conceptual art, seen through three works by the artist Robert Barry, was the theme of the first chapter of the Summer Series; the second appointment was instead focused on the theme of the body – that of the artist or the spectator – finally at the center of artistic practice, from the Happening to the Body Art, taking in analysis works by Ana Mendieta, Charles Atlas and others.

In the final chapter of this Summer Series – explain by the Foundation – we dedicate ourselves to a tangible and exciting theme of contemporary art: time. Time seen as an affirmation by the artist of the transience of his own existence, as a real medium or creative medium, or as the subject of a work as such. Time as a life project, as a tool to illustrate stories or to dig into the past. From Roman Opalka to On Kawara, we will see how the individual artists in the Antonio Dalle Nogare collection use the concept of Time in their works in a completely personal way.

To ensure the safety of all visitors, participation in the guided tour on Saturday 8 August is by reservation only. At 10.00 the guided tour will take place in Italian, at 11.30 in German.

Starting from 11.00 it will also be possible to see the film “Manifesto” by Julian Rosefeldt, which will resume the themes dealt with along the way. The film will be available through the Foundation’s website free of charge for 24 hours starting at 11.00 on Saturday 8 August.


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