breeders organize themselves to slaughter their animals differently


From Normandy to Provence, breeders scrap to slaughter their animals on the farm rather than in a slaughterhouse and ensure that they are “respected to the end”. The principle is accepted by the authorities but the start-up slips.

Their desire: to prevent animals from the stress of being torn from their environment and from the livestock transportations which are growing as the number of slaughterhouses is reduced, around a hundred establishments having disappeared since the beginning of the 2000s.

It is also to ensure that the animal is “respected until the end”, in the words of the Loire-Atlantique breeder Guylain Pageot, who evokes the “choc” caused by the images of animals mistreated in slaughterhouses, distributed by the association L214.

“This violence we do to animals, we do to breeders and consumers,” says Emilie Jeannin from her farm in Burgundy where she raises 230 cattle with her brother.

She chose to bring her Charolais herself to the slaughterhouse in a van harnessed to her vehicle.

Without being reassured about the rest: “I have a lump in my stomach every time. The herdsman [qui les réceptionne] can be irreproachable, but we are not immune to the cattle coming across pigs which scream very loudly and stress them “, she describes.

“We can no longer consider that it is not possible to do otherwise”, judge this member of the Confédération paysanne, who discovered in 2016 in Sweden a slaughterhouse truck that she wants to import into France.

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