by Di Maio hypocrisy, his pro-immigrant government


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – “What a hypocrisy on the part of Di Maio. He speaks against the landings but has implemented a pro-immigration policy with the government. Di Maio is one of the greatest exponents of the Grillino movement who wanted the amnesty of Bellanova together with the Democratic Party and Renzi constituted a very strong appeal for illegal immigrants and traffickers “. This was underlined in a note by the senator of Forza Italia, Maurizio Gasparri.

“Di Maio – adds Gasparri – is the one who has not been able to impose respect for Italy and Tunisia, because he is an unworthy, ignorant and incapable foreign minister. Di Maio is the one who, together with his movement, triggers Pd and Renzi want to dismantle the security decrees by giving a signal of surrender of the state to domestic and international crime, to Italian offenders and illegal immigrants and their traffickers. Di Maio is a hypocrite and an incapable. People like him must be hunted and sent back to elementary school, which he attended with much distraction and little profit, as far as we can see “.


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