Calabria, shoot against brother-in-law’s car: 3 brothers arrested


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – At dawn the agents of the State Police arrested the Married brothers: Cosma from ’96, the twin Rocco and Pamela from 1989. For Cosma and Rocco, the magistrate of Palmi ordered custody in prison, while the woman was granted house arrest. The investigations were conducted by the Gioia Tauro Commissariat for Public Security.

According to the restrictive measure, the three brothers Married are challenged with the following offense titles: “aggravated damage competition, for having, Pamela, as instigator and instigator, and the twins Rocco and Cosma, as material perpetrators, with the use of a severed shotgun with increased damage and sawed ‘lupara’ barrels, damaged in Rosarno, the car owned by Salvatore Cucinotta (brother of the husband of Pamela Sposato herself), exploding a shotgun and rendering useless the rear of the vehicle. “

Furthermore, the prosecution provides for the competition in the crime of shooting in public places, in relation to the aggravated damage just described above; the “competition in the crime of illicit possession of 12-gauge cartridges for the severed shotgun used for aggravated damage just described above”; the competition in the crime of slander, in order to have, in moral competition between them, Rocco, as instigator, Pamela, as material executor – in order to provide the twins Rocco and Cosma with impunity in relation to damage with fire described above – falsely blamed, while knowing him innocent, another of their brothers, Vincenzo Sposato, a result totally strange to the facts from which today’s arrests arose.

More precisely – it is explained in a note – on the directive of Rocco Sposato, during the acquisition of summary information pursuant to art. 350 cpp, with the assistance of its defender, Pamela Sposato, in addition to accusing himself of the damage described, falsely claimed to have been supported and supported in the execution of it, by the other brother, Vincenzo, circumstance, this, not true, being as mentioned, of a person totally unrelated to the facts for which it proceeded.

The facts contested in the precautionary measure were committed, in Rosarno, at dawn on 10 June last. (Continued)


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