Calabria, shots against brother-in-law’s car: 3 brothers arrested -5-


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – As regards the description of the modus operandi relating to the phases of the damage, Married – it is emphasized – has run into obvious contradictions, admitting also that he wants to carry out the murder of her husband, Nazarene, and her father-in-law, as revenge of the violence suffered by both father and son for years.

In one of the intercepted telephone conversations, Pamela explains: “… I want to be free. To make myself the c … Mine, as I want, to move as I want and all things …”. In the same dialogue – it is added – a terrible family picture emerged made of hypocrisy and conflict. In another conversation, the woman, addressed to her interlocutor, explains: “… Then I’ll tell you if I went to report him for pedophilia, ask him what I did and now they are shitting on him …”.

From the technical interception activities – explain the investigators – a complex and multifaceted family picture emerged, made of alliances between brothers – as in the case of damage, in which Pamela, uncensored, does not hesitate to lie to the Policemen in the clear intent of cover the brothers Rocco and Cosma, both with various precedents for robbery and other serious crimes, as well as real perpetrators of the shooting – but also with hatred and feelings of reciprocal revenge between them.

As on the evening of June 26, 2020, when Pamela’s family members learn of an extramarital affair. And Cosma in an interception explains, referring to his sister’s lover: “I will not shoot the car but I will shoot his head directly”.


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