Camorra, Pezzella clan revenge: arrest for murder


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of Castello di Cisterna, in Frattamaggiore, in the province of Naples, have executed a precautionary custody order in prison against a 34 year old who was believed to be contiguous to the Camorra clan ‘Pezzella’, active in the Cardito areas and neighboring municipalities. The man – he explains in a note – is considered seriously suspected of voluntary murder in competition, concealment of a corpse, port and illegal possession of a firearm. The crimes – it is added – are aggravated by the mafia methods and considered aimed at increasing the prestige of the criminal association.

The investigation, coordinated by the Neapolitan District Anti-Mafia Directorate, was launched on 14 February – it is added – when the wife of Vincenzo Pellino, 44 ​​years old, already affiliated with the clan, reports the disappearance of his wife. According to investigators, it emerged that Pellino’s murder was carried out in the manner of the white lupara. The criminal action, however, would be attributable – it is emphasized – to an internal purge of the clan.


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