Can we change what our genes determine?


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The genes that make up our DNA contain the main information about who we are.

They are the ones that give instructions to the cells that will define from the color of our eyes to the functioning of our lungs or our propensity to diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

For this reason, for a long time, scientists believed that our genetic code was unalterable and determined us 100%.

However, over time it has been discovered that the human body has a natural way of activating or deactivating some of our genes in response to the environment and lifestyle that we lead.

And it does it without modifying the DNA: it is called epigenetics.

But what exactly is epigenetics and how does it act on our body?

In this video we tell you how scientists discovered which chemical markers can activate or deactivate parts of our genome depending on the environment in which we live, our habits and our experiences but without modifying DNA.

Investigation: Camilla Costa; GuiThen: Camilla Costa and Carol Olona; Presentation: Ana Pais; Editing, animation and sound: How Abraham; Publishing company: Carol Olona

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