Cardinal coronavirus cases on the rise


Milwaukee (USA), Aug 1 (EFE) .- Coronavirus cases within the organization of the St. Louis Cardinals increased on Saturday, so the game between that ninth and the Milwaukee Brewers was suspended.

According to various reports, three Cardinal staff members tested positive for coronavirus on rapid tests.

Meanwhile, the Major Leagues indicated that the team expects the full results of the saliva tests later on Saturday.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told gamer association executive director Tony Clark on Friday night that if the sport doesn’t do a better job of managing the coronavirus, the season could be suspended.

In text conversations with teammates on Friday, Association players’ representatives also warned of the threat for the season, according to the same sources.

But on Saturday Manfred said he remains confident that the 2020 season can continue, and stated that “there is no reason to give up (the activity) now.”

The first game in Friday’s series was postponed after two Cardinals tested positive for the coronavirus.

The game was scheduled to be part of a double day on Sunday, the first to be played seven episodes per game after an agreement announced by the majors.

However, after learning of the first two positive cases Thursday night, the Cardinals said they instructed all players and staff to self-isolate in their hotel rooms in Milwaukee until further notice.

The Cardinals’ positives represented the first positive tests for baseball off the East Coast since the regular season began last week.

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