Centrão’s exit signals MDB movement to return to Congress command


Since MDB and DEM made official their departure from the majority block of the Chamber of Deputies earlier this week, their main names have been saying that the movement is natural and aims only to guarantee greater party autonomy. Although they deny it, the decision is related to the fight for the command of the two houses of the National Congress, which can take the MDB to the presidency of both the Chamber and the Senate in February 2021. Today, the DEM commands both houses.

The largest party in the Senate, with 13 seats, the MDB today has 3 competitive names to run for president: Simone Tebet (MS), current president of the CCJ (Commission on Constitution and Justice); Eduardo Gomes (TO), government leader in Congress, and Eduardo Braga (AM), party leader in the Senate.

Although reelection is prohibited by the bylaws, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) articulates, behind the scenes, a maneuver to remain in office, in a performance that mainly involves guaranteeing the support of the federal government.

In the Chamber, the movement of DEM and MDB also strengthened the leader of the MDB bench in the House, Baleia Rossi (SP), in the articulations for the post that today is Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ).

If Rossi’s strategy, which involves guaranteeing the support of Maia and opposition parties, works, the MDB will move to guarantee control of both houses – taking over the Senate and also achieving the presidency of the Chamber.

In the case of the Chamber, the departure, at the same time, of MDB and DEM, constitutes a first step against the possible candidacy of Arthur Lira (PP-AL), leader of Centrão and main responsible for the approximation of the block with the Plateau. In addition to negotiating the occupation of positions in the federal government, Lira started to act as an informal articulator of Bolsonaro in the Chamber.

Adding 63 parliamentarians, 35 from the MDB and 28 from the DEM, the 2 parties dehydrated the Centrão and reduced the group’s capacity in important votes, a fundamental bargaining chip to guarantee space in the federal government ….

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