Chaos trains after the stop of Hope to full convoys. Italo: “We will cancel the trips”


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AGI – The no of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has arrived at the easing on board the High-speed trains of the measures to contain the coronavirus epidemic, announced on Friday with a series of clarifications by the MIT. With a new ordinance, the minister reiterated the obligation of distancing and the obligation to use masks.

“Don’t lower your attention level”

“It is right – Speranza writes on Facebook – that the safety rules applied so far remain on trains. We cannot afford – Speranza says – to lower the level of attention and caution. This is why I signed an ordinance that reiterates that in all closed places, open to the public, including means of transport, both the spacing of at least one meter and the obligation of masks is and remains mandatory. These are the two essential principles that, together with frequent hand washing, we must keep in coexistence phase with the virus “.

The criticisms of the scientists

The criticisms of the Scientific Technical Committee and numerous scientists had come on the return to full-capacity travel for the High-speed trains. Even the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, had asked not to let his guard down.

FS confirms the checkerboard seats

“The spacing and the limit of 50% of seats to be filled in a checkerboard remain on the Arrows and Intercity”: it is the clarification of Ferrovie on its FsNews website that does not mention the other connections that had not been affected by the possibility of complete filling. “Trenitalia, by order of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza – continues the note – has in fact suspended the application of the measures provided for by the Dpcm of last 14 July which, in the presence of conditions expressly established, provided for the derogation from social distancing on board trains Av and medium and long distance “.

The clarification of the Mit

The Ministry of Transport in a note specified that “the guidelines attached to the Dpcm of 14 July had not reintroduced the 100% filling, but an exemption from the social distancing of one meter under certain conditions which, if implemented, would have increased the capacity of the wagons, while not allowing their full filling “. “Today, after 16 days, after a confrontation with Minister Speranza and assessed the curve of the infections, a prudent decision was agreed on the capacities of the High Speed ​​trains in order not to take unnecessary risks”, continues the note. “In light of this, the trains will continue to travel with the same rules applied so far without any derogation. Furthermore, for the entire public transport system, the CTS has been asked to re-evaluate all the guidelines already attached to the Dpcm of 14 July. and to provide an opinion on the new lines for school transport “.

The Italian case

The company’s reaction was entrusted to the executive vice president, Flavio Cattaneo, guest of ‘Stasera Italia weekend’: “Tomorrow we are in early August, there will be a lot of people leaving, of course we have to cancel trains because according to the ordinance of Minister Speranza we have to cancel them, we will give refunds “.

“The ordinance – Cattaneo adds – does not remove the distance from the planes and this justifies it on the basis of a WHO orientation based on technical aspects linked to the characteristics of the air conditioning system. Our air conditioning system is better than the planes but we are forced to go back. If this has to be, it must be the same for everyone, there is discrimination, there is total chaos “.

“We have done some studies that have verified that our air conditioning system is not only good but is 50% higher for air exchange than that of an airplane”.


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