cities of art stopped, in 2020 loss 7 bln -2-


Roma, 2 ago. (askanews) –

“Tourism is paying a very high price for the emergency triggered by Covid. A heavy blow that is felt particularly in the major cities of art. Here the combination of braking of travelers and lengthening of agile work is likely to blow up local business systems, especially those related to tourist spending: from restaurants to bars, to shops in the historic centers “, explains Patrizia De Luise, National President of Confesercenti.

“It is an exceptionally serious situation which requires extraordinary measures,” concludes De Luise. “For this reason we ask to establish special urban free zones in the historical centers of Municipalities of cultural interest with high tourist flow, which are the most affected by the long wave of the crisis triggered by the Covid emergency. The free zones should allow companies that they work to enjoy special support, in the form of a contribution to be used in compensation of tax and social security contributions. In this way we would give some oxygen to hospitality businesses, tourist services, trade and restaurant businesses and bars, now in Asphyxiation. Thousands of SMEs risk jumping like pins without intervention. “


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