Citizenship income, what you can buy


What can be bought with citizenship income? The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, writes, have established black and white guidelines for citizenship income in August 2020.

The methods for correctly using the citizenship income card will also be introduced point by point. Among other things, these are news strongly desired not only by those who benefit, but also for exhibitors.

What can be bought with citizenship income? This is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions. Article. 2 of the decree comes to our aid by specifying that you can generally purchase everything that “serves to satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries in order to encourage the widest social participation”. Hence clothes, petrol, shoes or dinners are allowed outside. For the same reason it will be possible to buy foodstuffs, household appliances and electronics products in general.

Withdrawals will be granted, provided they do not exceed 100 euros per month. If, on the other hand, the citizenship income is destined for a family unit with several components, the sum will be calculated on the basis of the equivalence scale. Last, but not least, if part of the amount is not spent, the subsequent disbursement will be reduced by 20%.

What can not be paid with the card intended for citizenship income? As it is intuitive to think, you cannot buy all those goods aimed at satisfying a non-fundamental need. Here you can not buy games that provide cash winnings, adult material and services, financial and credit services, money transfer, jewelry, fur or private clubs.

Finally, online purchases and insurance services of various kinds are prohibited, including car insurance.


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