Cloistered nuns move to a quieter place: too much noise in the center


While Prague is Covid-free and its inhabitants celebrate with large gatherings, there are those who just do not tolerate too much nightlife and excessive noise. This is the case of Cloistered nuns from Prague, who have decided to leave the convent to move to a more peaceful place.

Cloistered nuns from Prague leave the convent

For over four centuries in the heart of Prague, in the Hradcany square, the Castle district, one of the most visited by tourists from all over the world. Hunted during the communist period, in 1991 they had returned to their historic monastery. But there is one thing that the Carmelites just can’t bear: the too much noise caused by the nightlife of the center, between crowded clubs and visitors who go to discover the city. For this reason, the nuns of the convent have decided to move to a former farm outside the city, recently returned to the local church by the authorities. So they will be able to pray and carry out their duties with greater peace of mind, far from the chaos of the city center.

The Congregation of the Discalced Carmelites, in the July information bulletin, made known the nuns’ decision. The news, however, dates back to the period before the outbreak of the emergency coronavirus.

“After a long discernment and research that lasted more than ten years, we moved from the original monastery in the center of the capital of the Czech Republic to the small town of Drasty, a few kilometers from Prague. The reason for our decision was the growing noise from the square. So the nuns made it known, who also said they were dissatisfied with the small garden of the monastery, which made it “The life of seclusion physically and psychically difficult”.


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