CoinList launches token trading venue for institutional clients


A new crypto exchange is aimed specifically at institutional investors. CoinList Pro has prominent support from Twitter CEO and Bitcoin Evangelist

Behind the Exchange stands the company CoinList, which was responsible for the token sales for the Blockstack, filecoin and Dfinity projects. With the trading platform, Token Sales and Secondary market summarized under one roof. For Coinlist board member Andy Bromberg, this means more convenience for users, because:

Earlier the token sale took place, and then we gave users instructions on how to generate a wallet, they waited for an exchange that supports the token on the merchant side, and then they had to send the tokens from their wallet to the exchange,

Conversely, CoinList Pro can already boast a user base. Anyone who has participated in a CoinList Token Sale is now a customer:

The Exchange Space is tough. But our biggest advantage is that everyone who has participated in a token sale on our platform is a CoinList user; and they will be the most passionate members of the community. And we’ll have these community members instantly as customers for the Exchange,

Bromberg is opposite The Block for sure. Coinlist raised $ 10 million in a Series A funding round last year. The money came from, among other things Twitter– and square boss Jack Dorsey, which as identified Bitcoin– supporter applies.

Source: BTC-ECHO

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