collaborates with BeDimensional on graphene


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – The tragedy of the bridge and the mission to promote innovation in safety led to a first meeting between Fincantieri infrastructures and BeDimensional. The Genoese company has in fact developed a testing activity capable of producing anti-corrosive coatings for metals that exploit the properties of two-dimensional crystals.

“It therefore seems to promise the paints and protective coatings currently in use of superior performance in terms of thermal, electrical conductivity, especially barrier effect, anti-corrosion, just to name a few. A substantial improvement in the quality of materials on the anti-corrosion side and therefore of the anti-aging that can be exploited for the new infrastructures, and therefore promising for the activities of Fincantieri infrastructures as well as representing a step towards sustainability “, explains the company.


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