Colombia passes 300,000 infections by COVID-19 with a record of 10,673 cases


Bogotá, Aug 1 (EFE) .- Colombia surpassed the barrier of 300,000 infections by coronavirus on Saturday with a daily record of 10,673 cases, figures that show the progress of the pandemic in the country that has been in quarantine for more than four months.

According to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the country accumulates 306,181 confirmed cases, of which 134,498 are still active, and on this day 6,321 people recovered, with which there are already 160,708 people cured.

The department that reported the most infections on this day was Antioquia, with 2,986 cases, a record that exceeded the numbers that Bogotá had today, the main focus of the pandemic.

The country’s capital, for its part, registered 2,699 infected people, although the city has quarantined three of its largest towns to reduce the risk of contagion.

The Valle del Cauca department added 968 cases, followed by Atlántico (817), Cundinamarca (480), Magdalena (394), Bolívar (348), Córdoba (287), Santander (243), Cesar (236), Caquetá (182 ), Risaralda (169), Norte de Santander (162) and Nariño (120).

The most affected regions in the country are Bogotá, with 104,656 infected, Atlántico (53,131), Antioquia (35,746), Valle del Cauca (25,628), Bolívar (18,587), Cundinamarca (8,978), Nariño (8,090), Magdalena (6,531) , Sucre (6,002) and Córdoba (5,825).


The health entity also reported the death of 225 people but, according to the change in the counting method announced yesterday, only one death corresponds to the date and 224 are from previous days.

With these new figures there are already 10,330 fatalities in the country.

Of the reported deaths, 80 correspond to Bogotá, 29 to Cundinamarca, 22 to Santander, 19 to the Atlantic, 17 to Valle del Cauca and 16 to Antioquia.

Norte de Santander had nine other cases, six Nariño, five Córdoba and the same number in Bolívar and Magdalena.

The departments of Risaralda, Caquetá and La Guajira each added two deaths, while in Caldas, Cauca, Sucre, Casanare, Putumayo and Boyacá there was one deceased.

According to the authorities, 36,050 samples focused on 872 high-risk areas were processed, a number that brought the total number of tests carried out to 1,609,729.

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