Congress postpones the work to facilitate Echenique’s access to the Chamber


Madrid, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The Congress Table has decided to postpone the works that were going to be undertaken this August to improve the accessibility of the Chamber and allow the spokesperson of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Echenique, to move more easily. .

Sources familiar with the processing of the project, whose cost has been estimated at more than 258,000 euros, have explained to Efe that the postponement was due to a series of doubts related to the viability of the works.

On the one hand, doubts that came from the execution time, since it was not guaranteed that before the end of August they would have ended, according to the version of the sources consulted.

On the other, doubts about the effect on the structure of the hemicycle that could be generated by the mechanism to be installed.

The plenary hall of Congress (or hemicycle) is highly protected for its historical and artistic value, so that any work inside must have the endorsement of the architects of Congress and National Heritage after exhaustive reports.

As one of the sources consulted recalls, the project to improve the accessibility of the Chamber involved “touching a seat” and was somewhat “invasive”.

In addition, the works would be carried out in one of the corridors of access to the benches, not in all, something that on the other hand would increase the cost of the operation ostensibly.

The Bureau, just before the end of the ordinary period of sessions, at the end of June, analyzed all the documentation collected by the Contracting Board in order to give the “ok” to the operation and start the works, but the doubts mentioned above They advised to return the procedure and wait.

The resolution of this project, which began to forge with Ana Pastor as president of Congress, should therefore wait a few more months, therefore.

The arrival to the Presidency of Meritxell Batet did not alter the plans, but the appointment of Pablo Echenique as spokesman for the confederal group of United We Can in the Chamber. The Zaragoza parliamentarian is the only one with reduced mobility in the current legislature.

Already in mid-2019, its seat (located in the last row of the central area of ​​seats) had to be adapted to install a new connection to the computer, for which Congress used the same system that the Cortes de Aragón, Chamber of the that Echenique was a deputy.

However, the spokespersons of the groups occupy positions of greater visibility in the Chamber and usually intervene in the speakers’ gallery, so Batet promoted the project.

Batet and Echenique, in addition, agreed that until the completion of the works the deputy would sit next to the shorthand service table and speak from an added rostrum “ex profeso”, below the usual one.

Tribune that was used in previous legislatures with former PP deputies with reduced mobility, Paco Vañó and Ignacio Tremiño.

The project for which the Mesa opted in February of the same year consists of the installation of a mechanical system, “approved and hidden” (a ladder) that allows the person with reduced mobility to be raised to the bench level, after moving vertically of the three current access steps and the horizontal space leading to the seat.

In the report of the conservative architect of Congress, which the Board endorsed in February, the installation term was calculated at 30 days.

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