Conte attacks the club management


Inter coach Antonio Conte had strong words for Inter’s management team after leading his side to second in Serie A on the last weekend of the season.

The former Juventus and Chelsea debut at San Siro ended on a positive note, with goals from Danilo D’Ambrosio and Ashley Young that saw Inter win 2-0 against Atalanta. This result confirmed the Nerazzurri’s position as runners-up ahead of the Bergamo squad and brought them back to just one point behind defending champions Juventus.

But the coach wasn’t in the mood to forget the club’s failure to protect him and his team: “The team has heart and pride, the desire to show that the reviews we have received were not correct”, he launched to Sky Sport after the final whistle.

“So there will be time for everyone to do the right evaluations, because it has been a very intense year, especially for me personally. It has not been easy.

“Neither my work nor that of the players has been recognized, I have not found protection from the club. If you want to close the gap with Juventus you have to be strong on the pitch but especially off the pitch .

“We will have to talk to the president who is in China right now. I don’t like people to jump on the bandwagon now, we have to be there for the good times and the bad times and that has not happened at the time. Inter. I understand that if you are weak it is difficult to protect your team and your coach. “

Conte went on to praise his proteges for the mentality brought back to San Siro as the team struggled for the results, but he reiterated his call for more assistance from the board.

“We have been very successful in isolating ourselves and creating a united front, despite the difficulties of having only three central midfielders or two forwards”, he added.

“Until two weeks ago inappropriate comments against me and the players were being made on TV and you need to be protected in those cases. We have a lot of work to do off the pitch so everyone will do their own. own evaluations.

“What I have to say is not strong, I won’t mince my words: I was annoyed to see some people getting on the bandwagon only now, when the players and I had to face the bad times and we weren’t protected, but that’s good, the championship is over and now we have the Europa League.

“I have a vision, I see the path we need to take if we are to move forward and I am not talking about the transfer market, to make it clear.”


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