court orders Netanyahu’s son to stop “harassing” protesters


A Jerusalem court on Sunday ordered the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop “harassing” the organizers of protests calling for his father’s departure.

Yair Netanyahu tweeted the personal addresses of the organizers of the protests outside the prime minister’s home on Thursday and called for demonstrations outside the homes of the protesters.

“I invite everyone to demonstrate, day and night, in front of the houses of these people who organize anarchy in our country,” he tweeted.

The government criticized for its management against the coronavirus

For many weeks, protests have been taking place almost daily in Israel, including outside the home of the prime minister indicted in November 2019 for corruption, fraud and breach of trust in three cases, a first for an Israeli head of government during his term in office. Protesters shout their Fed up with Benjamin Netanyahu and denounce the government’s mismanagement of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Judge Dorit Feinstein demanded that the tweet be deleted and added in her ruling that Yair Netanyahu must “stop harassing protest organizers for six months and no longer publish their private addresses.”

In reaction, the Prime Minister’s son, aged 29 and familiar with provocations on social networks, published a tweet criticizing the judge for not having taken into account “the death threats of which (he is) the victim” . His father for his part denounced in a statement the “acts of violence and harassment of all”.

“Press rallies in favor of protesters,” says Netanyahu

Speaking at the start of the weekly Council of Ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu accused the local press of mobilizing against him, comparing it to the press in North Korea.

“I do not hear any condemnation from the media against the violent nature of the demonstrations. Instead of covering the demonstrations, the press is mobilizing in favor of the protesters,” he denounced.

Saturday, his party, the Likud, said on Twitter that the media “are desperately trying to poison the public in order to bring down a strong right-wing prime minister.”

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