COVID-19 tests positive for 33 Norwegian cruise ship crew


Berlin, Aug 1 (EFE) .- A total of 33 crew members of the Norwegian cruise ship “Roald Amundsen” have given positive results in the COVID-19 test that has been carried out among the ship’s workers -158 people-, they indicated Hurtigruten shipping company sources.

There are no passengers on the ship, since the 180 people who traveled on it disembarked last Friday at Cape Tromsö, where they were under observation.

The number of crew members who have tested positive may still vary. So far, only 120 negative results have been confirmed, while there are five cases in which the test will need to be repeated.

Four of the workers who tested positive had been isolated a few days ago, when they were found to have symptoms of the disease, although they could not be considered “typical” of the coronavirus, according to the company.

The rest of the crew so far have not presented any symptoms.

The company also states that no suspicious cases were detected among the passengers. However, 60 of them have been quarantined after landing in Tromsö.

Norwegian health authorities have now advised that the entire passage be tested or placed in house quarantine. Thus, some 209 passengers who navigated the ship between July 17 and 24 have been located, and it is also recommended that they submit to observation.

In Norway, 9,249 infections have been verified so far, with a total of 256 fatalities.

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