Covid, crowd at the denial meeting in Berlin


Over 15 thousand people, almost all without a mask and without respecting the social distancing, this is what happened on the day of August 1st the denial procession organized in Germany To protest against the anti-coronavirus restrictions set by Angela Merkel’s government. The event, entitled “The end of the pandemic – Freedom Day“, Took place along the streets of the capital Berlin and then ended near the Brandenburg Gate, where the police stopped the procession for failure to comply with anti-containment rules.

Coronavirus, procession of denialists in Germany

Among the 15 thousand participants in the procession, however, far less than the 500 thousand results expected by the organizers, no-vax activists and representatives of the German far right also marched, united by their opposition to restrictions and by believing in theory that the coronavirus pandemic is actually a gigantic mount. Inside the procession slogans such as “We are the second wave” could be heard or signs could be seen with comparisons between the mask and the star of David used to recognize Jews during the Nazi dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the Berlin police have announced on their social media channels that they will take legal action against the organizers of the parade for failing to comply with hygiene rules. Several counter-marches are also present in the German capital who took to the streets to counter the wave of denial, the latter coming precisely on the days when there was a significant increase in cases of coronavirus, with nearly a thousand new infections and seven deaths in the last 24 hours. In this regard, the Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier commented: “Anyone who deliberately endangers others must expect this to have serious consequences for him”.


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