Covid, the first positive dog in the US died: he had lymphoma


Buddy, the first covid positive dog in the United States, has died. The story is told by National Geographic and relaunched by the main US media. The German shepherd, a 7-year-old specimen, showed the first symptoms in mid-April. The dog has experienced respiratory problems, has lost weight and has become increasingly lethargic. After a series of veterinary visits, with extensive use of drugs and therapies, Buddy was tested for coronavirus on 15 May. On June 2, the New York Department of Health informed the Mahoney family, the owner of the animal, by notifying the successful outcome of the examination. “You tell people that your dog is positive and they look at you as if you had 10 heads,” Allison Mahoney’s words at National Geographic also reported in Usa Today. On July 11, the dog’s condition deteriorated further: Buddy vomited blood and new analyzes revealed the presence of lymphoma. The owners, given the desperate conditions, decided to resort to euthanasia.

The Mahoney family and veterinarians have not confirmed what was the determining pathology. The guidelines of the American Association of Veterinary Doctors remain unchanged and reiterate that pets are not particularly exposed to coronavirus and nothing suggests the possibility that they can transmit the virus to humans.


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