Covid, what changes for sexual infections: new discovery


There was a 40% increase in sexually transmitted infections in 27 years, but especially from 2000 onwards. And a surge in cases for chlamydia, an infection spread especially among the under 24, with a percentage of 30% more.

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These are the data that emerge from the surveillance of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità while the experts are alerted: the health emergency caused by Covid-19 has reduced the number of people who have been diagnosed: a likely effect of the fear of coronavirus infection, which can have negative health effects.

The data processed by the ISS AIDS Operations Center (Coa), which has examined the trend since 1991, the start of surveillance, show in particular 9,094 new cases of infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.

To worry the experts is the marked decrease in diagnosis gone hand in hand with the lockdown, which contrasts with the trend of increase in cases recorded in the last two years. This is demonstrated by an observational study, published in Sexually Trasmitted Infections and conducted by researchers from the Irccs Istituto San Gallicano.

In the San Gallicano Center for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, no cases of syphilis have been observed since 9 March. It is likely that “patients postponed visits because of fears related to hospital admission during the pandemic,” the researchers explained.

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