Crema, director of the psychiatric community is set on fire: “Sorrows and in shock”


The woman who committed suicide in Crema yesterday was named Paola, she was 38 years old, and was “full of plans, desire to do”, also because of this “we are deeply saddened and in shock”. Marco Garbarini, health director of the Psychiatric Therapeutic Community Redancia Po di Crema (Cremona), where the woman who set herself on fire was a guest, is heartbroken.

“What we can say – he explains, reached by Adnkronos – is that we are all shocked: there was nothing that made us think about what happened, no element that betrayed a failure in Paola’s conditions. It was a day like another. Our thoughts go to his family. ” The community hosts 36 people.

“Now – he underlines – we must continue to think about our guests to whom this whole story is not good, there is an emphasis that could be harmful for their frailties and our precautions must be strengthened”. The issue of filming with a cell phone pains the doctor, who does not comment. Paola was able to go out because, explains Garbarini, “our communities are open, our guests can go out regularly. The purpose of the communities is rehabilitation. Paola had been with us for several months and had the usual behavior, she was used to eating out, as it happened yesterday too “.


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