Criticism of TV3 for what it did when this French tourist spoke of the “Catalan Republic”


Angry among many Catalans for what he has done TV3, Catalan public television, with the statements of a French tourist who, interviewed for a piece on the coronavirus, spoke of “Catalan Republic”.

These are the words that the tourist said:

“Delighted to come to Lloret de Mar for the sixth consecutive year. Despite the advice of the French Government not to travel to Spain, I have every confidence in the Catalan Republic ”.

However, this last sentence was replaced in the Catalan subtitles by “I have full confidence in Catalonia”.

Something that has not liked anything on social networks:

“ENOUGH. Fed up with this internal TV3 policy. We fully trust their workers, who have seen their freedoms diminished by the imposed censorship. We do not want a propaganda channel for independence. What we do want is journalistic rigor and independence. ”

“This is very strong, huh? It seems to me a lack of professionalism on the part of the translator, if it has been a particular thing. If the thing has come from above, I no longer know what the hell of news we are going to see. ”

“Information is everything, if not images do not get. First year of journalism career ”.

“TV3, with each passing day they fall lower.”

“Then they tell us that TV3 indoctrinates, in what sense does it do it?”

Collaboration censorship. What a shame”

“Manipulation of some declarations. Very serious”


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