Crown Princess Victoria opens Pride Parade online


Usually tens of thousands come, but this year everything is different. The Pride Parade in Stockholm became a digital parade.

Stockholm (AP) – As the first representative of the Swedish royal family, Crown Princess Victoria (43) gave the starting shot for the Stockholm Pride Parade.

Since the parade for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals (LGBTI) had to be held online this time because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedish heir to the throne sent a few introductory words to the participants on Saturday via video message.

«Pride is not just any summer festival. It is a festival, but also a rally for human rights. It’s serious and joy at the same time, ”said Victoria. Given the situation in other parts of the world, it should not be taken for granted that Sweden and Scandinavia would be relatively ahead in terms of LGBTI rights. «We cannot be silent. We have to speak for those who don’t, can’t or can’t dare. »

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that even in Sweden, because of prejudice and ignorance, many could not be open about their sexuality. «If you’re one of those who can’t or doesn’t dare to be open about who you are, I just want you to know that you have the right to be who you are. We are many behind you. I am behind you.”

Usually tens of thousands of participants with rainbow flags and almost half a million spectators come to the festival in the Swedish capital. The digital parade now consisted largely of greetings that participants had recorded in advance.

Victoria was not the only prominent face who sent a few greetings to the Pride participants: Members of the government, the electro-pop band Icona Pop (“I Love It”) and even the currently omnipresent state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell also reported with video messages Word. «It is really nice to hear that you are holding this important rally despite everything. And we are pleased that you are doing this in a corona-proof manner, »said Tegnell.


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