Cryptocurrencies, Novogratz, Coinbase and XRP: facts of the week


To excite the bitcoiner this week just ended he thought about it the price of bitcoin soared to reach the 12 thousand dollar value (11,872 USD). After the good rise, the value of the first cryptocurrency weakened and returned to close to 11 thousand USD.

The others too cryptovalute and the crypto tokens have followed the positive trend with pleasure. Over all the price of Ethereum, returned to levels that have not been seen since August 2018 thanks to the news on ETH 2.0.

But the week that has just ended has given us other news, such as the alleged discovery of the hacker he would have laundry Twitter defenses by taking over 130 high profile accounts. The 17-year-old would do it all alone, without accomplices. Possible? In fact, the more detailed news tells us that two other people over the age of 18 would be involved in the “assault on Twitter”, a 19 year old boy and another 22 years old. The crimes attributed to them are many and serious, ranging from unauthorized access to third party computer systems, to fraud, and money laundering. The young people, in fact, recycled half of the cheated bitcoins through two mixers: Wasabi wallet and ChipMixer.

Coinbase adds 19 new tokens

Among the events of the week to be explored by Coinbase the addition of 19 new tokens to its list of assets.

I token presi in considerazione sono Ampleforth, Band protocol, Balancer, Blockstack, Curve,, Flexacoin, Helium, Hedera Hashgraph, Kava, Melon, Ocean Protocol, Paxos Gold, Reserve Rights, tBTC, The Graph, THETA, UMA, e WBTC.

Coinbase’s goal is to represent 90% of the market capitalization in the future I share crypto value.

Ripple finances MoneyGram

Ripple has once again funded MoneyGram to expand the use of its RippleNet network. This time the international payment processor received USD 15.1 million in XRP.

The two companies have signed an agreement in 2019 and Ripple had made an initial deposit of USD 50 million into XRP to MoneyGram.

But the agreement provides for additional funding until July 2023, when the partnership ends.

The interesting fact here is that MoneyGram has stated that all the financing it receives in XRP, immediately exchanges them in dollars at the market price. This means that when it receives the funding, it pours millions of XRPs onto the market to sell them.

Galaxy Digital, trading volumes increase

The Block interviewed Tim Plakas of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz’s investment fund dedicated to the cryptocurrency sector.

Plakas revealed that the trading volume increased a lot on the internal desk, reaching the levels of spring 2019, when crypto assets came out in the winter of 2018.

Of particular interest is the fact that Galaxy Digital does not work with retail customers, but with institutional ones and this factor indicates that in cryptocurrencies investors with great availability believe in it.

If we then add the uncertainty of traditional financial markets, see gold price to the maximum, there is a suspicion that the sub-fund is being used to “make cash” while elsewhere it is more difficult.

Suggestion? Meanwhile i bitcoin futures del CME they went from $ 372 million on Monday July 27 to $ 730 million on Thursday July 30. And this will mean something, since it is mainly the investors with the greatest opportunities to invest in this specific financial instrument.

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