Cualedro fire stabilized, which has devastated 1,535 hectares


Santiago de Compostela, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The Xunta considers the Cualedro fire to be stabilized, which has devastated some 1,535 hectares and considers the fire that affected the O Mercantile council of A Merca to be extinguished, which has burned a little more than 20.

As reported by the Ministry of Rural Affairs in a statement, the fire that affects the Ourense municipalities of Cualedro and Monterrei has stabilized since 22:21 hours on Friday, after two days since its start, in the parish of San Millao.

So far 1,535 hectares have burned, of which about 525 are agricultural and 1,010 are forestry (960 of lowland and 50 wooded).

To try to extinguish it, 2 technicians, 42 agents, 105 brigades, 43 motor pumps, 6 pas, 13 helicopters and 13 aircraft have been mobilized, in addition to the UME personnel.

On the other hand, at 00:53 this morning, the A Merca fire, in the parish of Corvillón, which started yesterday at 14:02, has been declared extinguished.

According to the latest estimates, it affected an area of ​​20.05 hectares, of which 5 correspond to woodland and the remaining 15.05 to low forest.

For this, 3 agents, 10 brigades, 5 motor pumps, 5 helicopters and 6 aircraft were used.

Finally, at 1:41 p.m. the fire registered in Rodeiro (Pontevedra), in the parish of Riobó, has also been extinguished, which has affected 97.5 hectares, 73 of them forest and 24.5 agricultural.

For this, 10 agents, 25 brigades, 17 motor pumps, 2 pas, 5 helicopters and 6 planes have been mobilized.

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