Cuba completes three weeks without deaths from COVID-19 amid a spike in cases


Havana, Aug 1 (EFE) .- This Saturday Cuba celebrates three weeks without deaths from COVID-19, amid a spike in infections -25 on the day- that worries the island’s authorities and has stalled progress. of Havana in the reopening plan.

With the positives of this Saturday, the country already accumulates 2,633 confirmed patients, of whom 2,367 have recovered, for 90% of the total, reported the director of Epidemiology of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), Francisco Durán, in his appearance usual television.

The death count has remained at 87 since Saturday, July 11.

Of the 25 infected, seven are travelers from the United States and Venezuela, in one the source of contagion is not identified and the rest became infected upon contact with other patients. For the first time in weeks, a foreign citizen is diagnosed: a 43-year-old French resident in the capital.

Havana, the only region in the country still in phase 1 of reopening, reported eleven patients, while nearby Artemis (in phase 3) registered seven, all related to a recent outbreak, which has already accumulated more than 70 infected and has caused the closure of the town of Bauta, where it originated.

This “epidemiological event”, one of the largest since the start of the epidemic on the island, caused Artemis to surpass Havana today in the number of active cases (75 compared to 73 in the capital) and has been one of the causes of the rebound of infected in the country, which went from not registering infections on July 20 last to announce 37 a week later.

The positives this Saturday were detected among 3,502 PCR samples completed the day before, bringing the total of these tests carried out on the island to 267,649, complemented by thousands of quick kits.

459 patients remain in Cuban hospitals, 177 of them confirmed with coronaviruses, of which only one is in critical condition.

Another 3,531 people are isolated in their homes because they are suspected of carrying the virus, a figure that continues to increase steadily and contrasts with the little more than 300 reported just a few days ago.

Stagnant in phase 1 of the reopening since July 3, Havana is the only territory left behind in that stage, which removes some of the toughest restrictions imposed at the start of the pandemic, while the neighboring province of Mayabeque is in Phase 2.

The rest of the 15 provinces and the Isle of Youth are in the third and last phase of the de-escalation plan, which restores economic and productive activities, health services and all bureaucratic procedures to full capacity, although the use the mask in public and closed spaces is still mandatory.

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