Demonstration in Berlin against government corona policy started


Under the motto “The end of the pandemic”, a demonstration against the corona policy of the federal government began in Berlin on Saturday.

According to an AFP reporter, several thousand people started to move near the Brandenburg Gate in the morning. Accordingly, mouthguards were worn by practically none of the demonstrators. 10,000 participants from all over Germany are expected to attend the final rally in the afternoon.

The demonstration was organized by the Stuttgart Initiative lateral thinking 711. According to Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD), various neo-Nazi organizations also called for participation.

In addition, several counter-demonstrations are to take place, including an event “Not a foot’s breadth from the conspiracy theorists” with 500 people. A total of around 22,000 demonstrators are expected at dozens of events this weekend in Berlin, and the police are on duty with more than a thousand officers.

An event by the conspiracy theorist Attila Hildmann, which was also registered for Saturday, had previously been prohibited due to, among other things, the charge of sedition. It was the second consecutive ban on a Hildmann rally.


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