derailment avoided by a whisker


The derailment of a train regional was avoided by a whisker: on the tracks, in fact, there were three barriers. Throwing them would have been a 21-year-old Tunisian who shortly before had devastated the railway station in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), in Ostia Parmense.

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The carabinieri, arrived on the spot, first stopped the man and then avoided damage to the regional arriving, from La Spezia and headed to Parma, with hundreds of people on board. In fact, one of the soldiers got on the tracks and managed to move two of the three barriers on a sidewalk.

As for the third barrier, however, it was hit by the locomotive and ended at a distance, but without serious consequences.

The military remained slightly injured from the backlash. The Tunisian was instead arrested for attack on transport security.

According to initial information, a person residing near the station reported the incident. From the window he would see what the man was doing.

Among the damages found, a broken glass door, a detached obliterator machine, the timetable board was torn and three barriers were thrown on the track.

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