Désirée Nick takes a backseat against Helene Fischer


Who would have thought that: Germany’s sharpest tongue, the cabaret artist, actress and occasional trash queen Désirée Nick, lives like in a furniture catalog. Pierre M. Krause was forced into the negligee at the start of the season for “Krause comes” – and was also amazed.

An upscale country house style property on the outskirts of Berlin. The decor: handpicked, with a distinctly Anglophile touch. Rather crowded than empty. This is how Désirée Nick, 63, lives, but still divinely sensual.

Germany cannot really assess this woman. On the one hand, she offers sharp-tongued stage programs of the upscale kind. The feature section praises her profusely for her acting achievements. In Oskar Roehler’s Fassbinder biopic “Enfant Terrible”, which opens on October 1st in the cinema, she plays Barbara Valentin. On the other hand, Désirée Nick also went to the RTL jungle camp – and won the 2004 trash contest. Who can do something like that – and how does someone live? Pierre M. Krause wanted to know this at the start of his new home story season “Krause is coming” (SWR) on Friday evening. What did you learn about the always somewhat opaque Diva La Nick?

“You should have reached you before the first insult”

“I have earned so much money that I no longer have to work,” she says to Krause with a slightly ironic look as he admires her property. It would make a good impression in every English garden and interior design magazine, that’s for sure. The visit will take place in the Christmas season 2019. There is plenty of decoration, social proximity is not a (production) problem due to the upcoming corona pandemic. You are at the “Du” within four minutes. “You should have got there before the first insult,” Nick pointedly pointed out.

Your home is reminiscent of a neurotically tidy doll’s house, the guide for servants for “Downton Abbey” is on the table. Krause has champagne with him, but not his triangle, as he notes as a side blow to the apparently somewhat compulsively arranged order in the home of the single artist. Everywhere there are pictures of children of their now 24 year old son Oscar. She supposedly baked the apple pie herself. “I do that all the time.” Krause is not surprised at this – despite the fixed meter of baking books that are on the shelf.

The laying hen is named after Helene Fischer

When Nick moved into her Falkenseer house just behind the Berlin city limits, which nobody wanted at the time, it was a wrecked shack “with cat skeletons in the attic”. She rebuilt the building for seven years, or had it remodeled, because even to change a light bulb, La Nick needs “staff”, as she says. The diva wonders about Krause’s obvious misjudgment that it would be completely different at Désirée Nick’s home: “Gardening, house-cooking, living is my hobby. I’ve always been like that.”

But the tips against the format host are just beginning. “You are also small, petite. The men who enter this house have to fit into my decoration. In this respect, this engagement also has a lot to do with your physicality. Because you are so porcelain doll-like.” The cake, which Krause praises a little too exuberantly, is from Lidl – which writes the moderator perhaps the greatest (embarrassed) amazement of the history of the format on the face.

This is followed by a visit to Nick’s organic farm shop, from which she obtains her eggs with direct chicken assignment. Nick’s cattle cattle are called Helene, probably alluding to Helene Fischer. “But that’s just their artist name, in truth it’s called Svetlana Lutschkovskaia,” Nick etches with a high level of humor.

“My greatest achievement is that I am no longer considered a man”

In the evening a reading in the “Kultur Haus Spandau”. A “home game”, as she says. On the way there, the pants should be lowered. Why does Desirée Nick go in trash formats – despite her high level, which she emphasizes again and again? Because of the money? “It’s a huge balancing act that I do. But the fact is that I can serve everything. I wouldn’t go into trash formats if I were a rivet there. Because of my level, I show that the others don’t have any.” Bäm! But then there is an indication of economic necessity: “Since people who write ‘dream ship’ produce ‘Rosamunde Pilcher’ fail when it comes to establishing a role for me permanently, I have to do that I wrote a series, my own, then I would certainly not do that. “

Krause then has to spend the night – forced into a negligee by Nick because you are not allowed to sleep in her underwear – in a guest shed in the garden. Before that, there are a few more of the relentless interior views. “People used to think I was a tranny. My greatest achievement is that I am no longer considered a man.” At breakfast the next morning, Nick only takes coffee. “I always get up at five o’clock. Because I bake rolls at six o’clock. This is the second breakfast for me, so there is only one little thing.” – “I thought you would come over sometime at night?” Asks Negligee-Krause. “When men wear travesty clothes, it’s hard for me to rape them,” Nick countered strongly.

“I want you to come back. Without a camera.”

Is it going to be panned again? “Do you have self-doubts?” Krause wants to know from the seemingly always strong woman. “Of course. A lot. The figure could be better. Sportiness could be better. I’m a complete rivet on science topics. I have to call someone to program my VCR.”

At noon, Krause then cleans Nick’s wintry fountain. As a thank you, they then produce Feuerzangenbowle with 20-year-old Scottish whiskey, which blazes alarmingly bright and sprawling. “How did you like my visit?” Krause asks goodbye. “I want you to come back. Without a camera.” Drunk, you separate. “Then I’ll bring my own negligee with me,” Pierre M. Krause murmurs more to himself than he got away from the country house and Germany’s most dazzling media diva.


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