Developing Telecoms comments on how competition promotes innovation to keep the telecommunications sector at the center of economies


Developing Telecoms attended the session with Luc Hindryckx, Director General of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), at the Huawei Better World Summit.

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Luc Hindryckx, Director General of European Competitive Telecommunications Association (Photo: Business Wire)

In recent months, ECTA members have worked intensively for networks, services and their users. In a letter to Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “In digital leadership, we need to focus our efforts on making markets work better for consumers, businesses and society and we must to support the sector to adapt to globalization and the climatic and digital transitions that go hand in hand. We need companies that compete on the same conditions and consumers who can benefit from lower prices, a wider choice and better quality. “

Competitiveness in the telecommunications and digital sector can be the driving force that allows all sectors of the economy to face challenges successfully. It is increasingly clear that the widespread presence of the high performance of 5G, optical fiber and comparable network technologies are essential common infrastructures.

France, one of the most competitive B2C markets in Europe, with four major integrated fixed / mobile MNOs (mobile network operators) together with various MVNOs (virtual mobile network operators) and fiber optic installation initiatives, invested € 10 , 4 billion in fixed and mobile networks every year for the past 5 years. This indicates the size and importance of investment needs and that competition stimulates investment.

Competition also stimulates customer service. In Spain, Masmovil entered the Spanish market following the remedies imposed by the European Commission, DG Competition. In an already well-served market, competition has allowed them to successfully focus on customer service and progress to a leading position in the GFK ranking on quality of services.

Unlike the past two decades, the new telecommunications policy for the next decade will be B2B. This will require a change in business approach from attention to the large consumer market to enabling business users in all industrial sectors, from start-ups to consolidated conglomerates.

Developing Telecoms believes that digital transformation has never been more important than today for all sectors of the economy. The fear of cannibalization of existing models is one of the greatest obstacles to innovation for well-established players. Developing Telecoms is also of the opinion that a sufficient level of competition in all elements of the value chain is more beneficial to society since competition obliges market players to continue innovation.

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