Developing Telecoms explains how innovation-promoting competition ensures the central role of telecommunications in the economy


Developing Telecoms participated in a session with Luc Hindryckx, Director General of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) as part of the Huawei Better World Summit.

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Luc Hindryckx, Director General of European Competitive Telecommunications Association (Photo: Business Wire)

In recent months, ECTA members have worked around the clock for the networks, services and their users. In a letter to Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “When striving for digital leadership, we need to focus on making markets work better for consumers, businesses and society and that we support industry in adapting to globalization and the double transition in the climate and digital sectors. We need companies that compete equally and consumers who can benefit from lower prices, more choice and better quality. “

A competitive telecommunications and digital sector can be a driving force for all economic sectors and contribute to overcoming the challenges. Powerful 5G, fiber optic and comparable network technologies available across the board are increasingly being viewed as an essential shared infrastructure.

France, one of the most competitive B2C markets in Europe with four important integrated fixed / mobile network operators (MNO) alongside several MVNOs and fiber development initiatives, has invested EUR 10.4 billion in fixed and mobile networks every year for the past five years. This highlights the scale and importance of investment needs and shows that competition is the driving force behind investments.

Competition also promotes customer service. In Spain, the remedial measures imposed by the European Commission’s DG Competition led Masmovil to enter the Spanish market. In an already well-served market, the company successfully focused on customer service and rose to a leading position in the GFK Net Promoter Score.

Unlike in the past two decades, the focus of the new telecommunications strategy for the next decade will be on B2B. This requires a change in the business approach that leads from a focus on the retail mass market to empowering users in all industries and from startups to established large corporations.

Developing Telecoms is convinced that digital transformation is more important than ever for all economic sectors. The fear of cannibalization of the existing models is one of the greatest obstacles to innovation for established players. Developing Telecoms also believes that sufficient competition in all elements of the value chain is very useful for society, because market pressure means that market participants must always be innovative .

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