Distancing on trains, Ntv: “Forced to cancel trains”


A Italo “we have to cancel” many convoys from tomorrow “because under the order of Minister Speranza they are outlawed: we will give refunds to our customers, but tomorrow at the station many people will not find his train”. The executive vice president of Italo-Ntv Flavio Cattaneo announces it to ‘Stasera Italia, on Rete4, expressing “bewilderment” because – he explains – “the same ordinance does not take away the aircraft distancing” motivating this choice “based on an orientation of the Organization World Healthcare based on technical aspects related to the characteristics of the air conditioning system “. But “our studies – claims Cattaneo – have verified our air conditioning system that not only is sufficient but is 50% higher for air exchange than that of an airplane”.

Cattaneo recalled that in recent weeks, “we have discussed with the ministries, we have invested, despite the fact that our bills have been massacred, our staff on board sanitizes every time a passenger gets off”. In short, he notes, “we were confident that we had adopted all the rules and we sold the tickets”. Then today, “after a tweet an uproar broke out” with an ordinance “that says the exact opposite of 15 days ago”. In light of this scenario, he concludes, “we have blocked the possibility of buying tickets”.

In the face of the proliferation of the indications of experts and scientists, who end up guiding the various political choices, the result “is that companies cannot plan investments, and citizens are also disoriented. Institutions must choose some items and follow only those, “says Cattaneo, who notes that” so instead it’s just a general chaos “. This observes “it is not a serious way to proceed” also because the companies were hit by the crisis: “We – remember – in the lockdown we lost 95% of the turnover”.


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