Does the state fail to fight right-wing extremism?


The threatening letters signed with NSU 2.0 are disturbing the country, much speaks for police helpers. Are the authorities infiltrated by right-wing radicals? Our podcast

Attack on the election office of the SPD politician Karamba Diaby © [M] ZEIT ONLINE photo: Steffen Schellhorn / imago-images

For two years, unknown persons have been sending right-wing extremist threatening letters to lawyers and politicians, all of whom are signed with the eerie abbreviation “NSU 2.0”. So far, the police have not been able to determine the senders. Perhaps, that is the disturbing suspicion, the authors are themselves police officers or at least have close contacts with security authorities. Investigators have now arrested two suspects for the first time. But are they on the right track?

With Holger Stark, the deputy editor-in-chief of ZEIT and head of the investigative department at ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE, we are talking about who could really be behind the threatening emails – the traces lead to the darknet. We ask how well the authorities are positioned in the fight against right-wing extremists, whether the police have been infiltrated by right-wingers and how great the terrorist threat is from the right.

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