does the world temperature record stand at 54 ° C?


Covered ! With 13 departments in orange heat wave vigilance and temperatures reaching 40 ° C, metropolitan France suffered a major heat wave on Friday July 31. And this weather, “we’ll have to get used to it”, warned on franceinfo Robert Vautard. For the director of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, specializing in environmental sciences, “the whole planet is affected by extreme temperatures. In the Persian Gulf region, this is probably where temperatures are hottest and will be hottest in the future. “

This region was of interest to Mika Rantanen, from the University of Helsinki (Finland). The meteorological researcher released a temperature map northwest of the Red Sea on Thursday.

You can see 53 ° C in Basra (Iraq), 52°C at Kuwait International Airport, 50°C in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. For Mika Rantanen, these temperatures “incredible” are “quite close to the absolute maximum temperatures” never seen on Earth. In another tweet*, the Finn even asserts that “according to several sources, 54 ° C is the highest temperature” measured (…)

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