“Driving style changed every two laps”


Sebastian Vettel has had another disappointing race at Silverstone. The Ferrari driver had to settle for tenth in Lewis Hamilton’s victory. After the race, the four-time Formula 1 world champion tells of his desperate attempts to get his car faster.

At world champion Hamilton, half a lap before the finish of the British Grand Prix in the left front tire dissolved into its individual parts – the Mercedes driver even speaks of the fact that his heart almost stopped. (DATA CENTER: The Formula 1 driver classification)

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and his team boss Christian Horner comment on the possibly given away victory by the late pit stop.

SPORT1 summarizes the votes for the race at Silverstone RTL, Sky, ORF from the pit lane and the press conference together.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), 1st place: “Everything went well until the last lap. The tires were worn out, but that’s normal in a race like this. Valtteri Bottas had kept me busy for a race, maybe he put too much pressure on his tires. I saw my tires and I was convinced that I would drive home easily. For safety’s sake I took my pace off. There was no need to hurry because Verstappen had picked up fresh tires behind it loses shape. “

… about the moment the tire burst: “I thought my heart would stop! I didn’t know what I could still do with the tire, how much speed I could still drive, what the roller could take in the corners, what about braking. The tire started to break down, but he didn’t go to shreds and smashed the front wing, as can happen in such moments. I don’t think I have felt more relief to see a checkered flag. I’ve never seen anything like it! “

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Max Verstappen (Red Bull), Platz 2: “I was lucky and unlucky. You (the Mercedes, note d. Red.) were of course too fast for us in the race. I reported to my boys ten laps before the end and said – the tire doesn’t look so nice anymore. We had a big head start on Leclerc, which is why we considered a pit stop to grab the best race lap. Then the tire damage came from Bottas. I slowed down and got fresh tires myself. Because we had to expect that this would also happen to us. “

… about the possibly given away victory: “Of course, after Hamilton’s puncture it is now easy to say that I should have stayed outside. But nobody can guess that. In retrospect you are always the smart one. I see it like that – we have benefited from Bottas’ bad luck more important than to say that we lost the win because of the stop. I have no regrets, it was the right decision at the moment to get fresh tires. We also have to remember that the man in the best car won me okay. “

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), 3rd place: “It was a difficult race. I heard that Bottas was in trouble and I took a lot of speed. Then I saw Carlos Sainz’s car, he also had a tire problem. Then my boys came back on the radio and said it was Hamilton too It was pure luck today. Happiness that we were spared tire damage, luck that we got a podium. “

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), 10th place: “It wasn’t the most fun race now. I tried everything I can, including the driving style. But this weekend we and the car and I didn’t find each other. I had a hard time, my driving style every two , three laps changed, but in the end I had very, very little confidence in the car, and every time I tried to brake a bit later and take more speed with me, I struggled to get the car on the To keep track. “

…bei Channel 4: “The car was very difficult to drive. I had a lot of trouble building my confidence and I don’t know the reason for it. The people around me were just faster and overtook me. It was not a physically demanding race because I never attack I wasn’t allowed to do what I like so much, we have to find out why.

Nico Hülkenberg (Racing Point), not at the start: “It fits all the crazy days I’ve been through. But of course it’s disappointing for me and the team. We tried everything, but there was a problem with the drive. We couldn’t start the car and get it on the track which is really very disappointing. Now let’s take a look at why. “

next week: “If there was a next weekend, today would have been very important to gain more experience and learn to understand the car. Especially under racing conditions. We have lost time, but that’s how it is. Let’s see how it comes Weekend will. “

Christian Horner (Red-Bull-Teamchef): “Max was also worried about his front tire. We saw the problem with Bottas. We had the advantage on the fastest lap. The tire we got down from Max had quite a few cuts and tears. There was no guarantee that the tire would have lasted to the end. The way the tire looked was close to short. We think we did the right thing and are happy with second place. “

.. about the performance of the eighth-placed Alexander Albon: “Alex recovered well after the first lap incident. I think he did a pretty good job. For me, the accident was a normal racing accident.”


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