è sos fire and drought -2-


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The absence of rain also causes the drought with the country that has to face sudden storms on the other – underlines Coldiretti – the Po level at the end of July compared to the same period last year is lower than 24 % while the major northern lakes that serve to quench the fields of the Po valley, where a third of the national agri-food Made in Italy is produced, are struggling with values ​​well below the average and the basins of the south-central with farmers preparing for emergency irrigation to save crops in the field and with ripe fruit on plants that risk being injured by heat stroke and sunburn. In these conditions – continues Coldiretti – rain is expected as a windfall on the woods and fields cultivated by farmers but to be of relief it must last a long time, fall steadily and not too intensely, while heavy thunderstorms, especially with violent rainfall cause damage.

We are faced – concludes Coldiretti – with the evident consequences of climate change that also compromise crops in the fields with costs of over 14 billion euros in a decade, between losses of national agricultural production and damage to structures and infrastructures in the countryside.


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