Electricity, gas, conversion bonus, unemployment insurance … which is changing this August 1


Like every month, August 1st brings its share of changes. On the program for this Saturday: increase in regulated gas and electricity prices, change in the conversion bonus, increase in the re-entry allowance, and relaxation of unemployment insurance.

  • Regulated electricity prices continue to rise

After an increase of 2.4% including tax in February, regulated electricity prices will increase by 1.54% including tax on average on August 1, 2020, for the 24 million residential subscribers still dependent on regulated tariffs, announced Friday the Ministry of Ecological Transition in a press release.

This increase is in line with the recommendations of the (CRE), an independent administrative authority which determines these tariffs based in particular on the evolution of transmission and distribution costs.

  • Gas prices are on the rise

Regulated gas tariffs, which can be charged by Engie and local distribution boards (RLDs), for their part increased by 1.3% on August 1, as CRE announced in a July 23 notice. In detail, the tariff will increase by 0.3% for cooking use, 0.7% for dual cooking and hot water use, 1.4% for gas heating, and 1.6% for the small boiler room. This is the first time since December 2019 that regulated gas prices, which change every month, are on the rise again. They should continue to increase until February 2021, for an overall increase of + 6%.

  • The conversion premium drops

From August 3, the amount of. The new system will follow on from the support plan put in place to support the automotive industry. In less than two months, the 200,000 bonuses provided for by this device have already been granted. To benefit from the new conversion premium, you will have to get rid of a vehicle with the crit’air 3 sticker or lower. Individuals will be able to receive between 2,500 and 5,000 euros for the[…]

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