Ellen DeGeneres faces the allegations of her employees


“Be nice to each other” – just an empty phrase in front of the camera in the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”? This was claimed by employees who spoke of a “poisoned working atmosphere” behind the scenes. Now moderator DeGeneres wrote in a letter about the allegations and announced the consequences.

The accusations were tough: all niceties just a nice appearance in front of the camera? Former and current employees at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” have made serious accusations of the prevailing working atmosphere behind the scenes of the American talk show. This was highly poisoned, it said. Given that the show’s motto is “Be nice to each other”, the allegations have a particularly bland aftertaste. Now talk host Ellen DeGeneres herself wrote a letter to her dissatisfied employees.

Racism, intimidation and dismissal due to illness are the allegations – there is obviously a lot to work through. “It was taking far too long, but we’re finally having discussions about fairness and justice,” the 62-year-old talkmaster announced meaningfully. Some things should change, some may have to expect termination. According to information from “The Hollywood Reporter”, it is likely to hit executive producer Ed Glavin, whose name has often appeared in the allegations.

“The Hollywood Reporter” is DeGeneres’ letter. The industry paper quotes the self-critical moderator as follows: “While we have grown exponentially, I have not been able to keep a complete overview and I have relied on others to do their job as I expected”. However, this was obviously not the case. “Obviously, some didn’t do that. That will change now,” announces Ellen DeGeneres. She wants to actively participate in the changes: “I promise that I will do my part and that I will continue to push myself and my fellow human beings so that we get better.”

As a lesbian presenter, DeGeneres has experienced unfair treatment herself

As a homosexual woman, according to DeGeneres, she can understand the mood of the employees who suffered from unfair treatment: “As a person who has been convicted himself and who would have lost almost everything just because I am who I am, I really understand them good that is viewed differently, treated unfairly – or worse – not taken into account. ” The moderator apparently suffers severely from the news and various false reports.

There was also a statement from the company Warner, which is behind the show – which, however, turned out to be significantly more sober: “While not every allegation was confirmed, we are nevertheless disappointed that the investigation revealed overall deficiencies in the daily management of the show. “


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