Ellen DeGeneres vows to ‘fix mistakes’ after employee testimonials about their working conditions on her show


One of the queens of American television does her mea culpa. Ellen DeGeneres, presenter of Ellen DeGeneres Show (one of the most watched talk shows in the United States), speaks for the first time about accusations of an unhealthy work environment that would reign within his team. The host sent an e-mail to her employees on Thursday, widely reported by the American press.

“From day one of the show, I told everyone at our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be a place of happiness “, she writes, as reported CNN. “No one would raise their voice and everyone would be treated with respect. Obviously, something has changed, and I’m disappointed to find that it hasn’t. For that, I’m sorry.”

Launch of an investigation

The 62-year-old presenter also announces that an internal investigation has been launched by Warner Bros. (the program’s distributor): “In stages, together, we are correcting the mistakes. As the show has grown in size, I was no longer able to control everything and I delegated to others to do their jobs the way they knew I wanted them to do it. Clearly, some did not. . This will change and I promise to make sure it does not happen again. “

WarnerMedia states in a press release sent to Hollywood Reporter that “dozens of employees, current and former, were questioned about the working environment within the Ellen DeGeneres Show“as part of this investigation, and promises” measures “.

The friendly meeting of the stars

Ellen DeGeneres receives the biggest stars of American entertainment on her show, which has been broadcast daily since 2003. From Meryl Streep at Rihanna, Passing by Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift or Ryan Gosling, all followed one another on his set to answer his questions, always asked with humor and kindness in a friendly atmosphere.

This is why the recent accusations against the program have come as a surprise in the United States. First launched on social networks, they were compiled in a survey published by Buzzfeed News in mid-July.

Targeted producers

The American media has collected the testimonies of ten former employees and a person who still works for the show, all anonymous. They denounce a “toxic” working atmosphere, and claim to have been victims of intimidation and sometimes racism.

The charges relate mainly to executive producers or managers, not the host. According to sources who confided in Hollywood Reporter, Ed Galvin, one of the three executive producers, is at the heart of the testimonies and could lose his place.

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