Entrance exam for medicine in the capital, guys piled up


Last on entrance test for medical school, held near the Fiera di Roma, the regulations concerning the social distancing. This is what emerged from a series of images that have been disseminated on social networks.

Young people piled up during admission tests

From the photos that have been published on social networks anevident violation of the legislation that provides for the distancing between subjects of at least one meter. Thousands of boys appear in the photos, some with masks and some less, waiting in line waiting to be called. The images have gone around the various platforms and the hashtag #distanziamentosociale has become, ironically, viral. The main traffic jam took place inside the access tunnel to the fair.

In conjunction with the medical test at the Biomedical Campus of Rome, the preselections of the Official Students of the Guardia di Finanza Academy were also held at another pavilion of the structure. This event further disadvantaged the ability to respect the rules.

Francesco Crognale, safety manager

“This morning in the public area of ​​the tunnel outside our gates there was a very short period of time, due to a delay in accreditation, an excessive density of candidates, which we promptly removed by providing a rapid flow towards the inside the areas of the neighborhood, where large spaces allow to avoid gatherings “. These are the words of Francesco Crognale, security manager of the Fiera di Roma.

It therefore appears that this was a completely exceptional situation. However, the problem arising from the lack of some structures in terms of space and containment possibilities remains evident.


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