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Waiting to meet the video game Halo Infinite It has been quite long, but we could already know something about it a few days ago. First revealed during Microsoft’s E3 unveiling in 2018, the highly anticipated game is slated to hit stores this holiday season. Although we are a few months away from launch, there are still many things we don’t know about the game.

In recent years, 343 Industries and Microsoft They have been cautious about the content being offered to the public. The curtain was pulled back a little during the Xbox Games Showcase July, which showed the game’s debut, but most of Halo Infinite it remains an enigma. Here’s everything we know about the next installment in the popular series.

Much of what we know about Halo Infinite It comes from the two advances released by Microsoft. The first was the trailer for the E3 announcement in 2018, and while it didn’t reveal much, it did show off the new Slipspace engine.

That vague trailer was followed by another sample from Discover Hope in 2019. This time we saw the Master Chief interact with a UNSC marine after being rescued from orbit, he had a brief conversation with Cortana. There is much more to this trailer than the 2018 one: below we will share it with you in case you missed it the first time.

In addition to these two trailers, we’ve also seen some concept art from 343 Industries. While the images alone did not reveal much, attached blog post provided fans with some of the best details from Halo Infinite till the date.

In July, we had our first glimpse of the game that confirmed that Halo Infinite It will be a more open title and will face the Master Chief against the Banished, enemies best known for their participation in Halo Wars games.

The details surrounding the narrative of Halo Infinite they are still murky, but we know one thing: Master Chief is the star of the show. Infinite will take place after the events of Guardians, and it seems that the players will not disconnect between Chief and the auxiliary character, as they did in the last installment. In a post by Chris Lee, head of the 343 Industries studio, he mentions that the team “heard loud and clear comments about the amount of time he spent playing as Master Chief in Halo 5”, And that they will“ focus on the Master Chief ”, continuing his saga.

Xbox tweeted a video taunting the Master Chief as the game’s central character, perfecting the digits “117” marked on his armor, which refers to his other name, John-117.

Some fans believe the ring destroyed in the trailers is Zeta, but 343 has yet to confirm these theories. Unless Halo Infinite wants to introduce a new ring; however Zeta seems to be a good bet. Others believe that Cortana could take on the role of villain, which, after the events of the Guardians, could be more than a real possibility.

The July reveal gave us the biggest clues so far about the history of Infinite. The demo opened with a date: May 28, 2560, which places it two years after Halo V Guardians. He mentions that this is “167 days after we lost,” and based on the banishment leader’s dialogue toward the end of the demonstration, that would be a loss to his troops.

The demo shows the UNSC soldier from the previous trailer, who 343 officially refers to as the Pilot, and the Master Chief lands on the ring of Halo. The pilot a little resentful of the fact that since the Master Chief was found floating in space, he has had nothing but trouble. The Master Chief promises that the couple can search for a ship to get them out of the ring once they have pulled out three anti-aircraft guns.

The Master Chief addresses one of the three cannons and meets a message from the leader of Banishment. He claims to be in control of the ring, says he shares the same goal as “the Herald” to carry out the will of the founder of Banished, Atriox, and challenges the Master Chief to confront him.

The banished leader is revealed in an interview as War Chief Escharum, with speculation that the Herald he mentions is actually Cortana. What has happened to the rebel AI and the rest of the UNSC? Even the Master Chief doesn’t know, and uncovering that mystery is a journey that the player and the Chief will follow together.

This will be the last entry in the series in a long time

343 Industries confirmed in an interview that it is seeking that Halo Infinite be a 10-year experience that is updated from time to time, both technologically and a new content of the story, over time. However, the team did not confirm if it was a service game like Destiny 2. One of the first technology updates will be ray tracing, which will be available shortly after launch.

Halo Infinite: everything we know about the Xbox flagship game

The game will act as a new platform and a starting point for new fans, which ties in with the sense of discovery of what happened between Guardians e Infinite.

Multiplayer mode will arrive at launch, but won’t include a battle royale

Previous rumors insisted that Halo Infinite It would only come with a launch campaign, although the 343 Industries community director tweeted that this was not true and that the multiplayer mode would accompany the campaign at launch.

With titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends dominating the market, it is natural to think that Halo Infinite could jump on the bandwagon of battle royale. However, it appears that the game won’t include that mode, at least not at launch. Frank O ‘Connor of 343 Industries explains it clearly when he says that “there are no plans” for a battle royale mode.

As for the multiplayer content the game will include, fans can expect to see split-screen games, LAN support, and the return of the beloved Forge editing tool. After all, this is a Halo game, so fans will probably hear more about robust multiplayer offerings soon.

Game details

Shown during the demo in July, and confirmed through an interview with the project leaders, Halo Infinite It will feature an open ring for players to explore. However, it will take several hours in the campaign before they have access to it. While the player will be able to explore to their liking, and even go back to certain areas, Infinite it will not have a nonlinear story: 343 wants the narrative to continue moving forward. The game will also feature a day / night cycle and wildlife to create a more vibrant world.

The game will include collections of elements similar to the elements of Halo 3, according to Klobrille, a reliable source of halo.

“Grappling hook, push or classics like the parasol. This is all very dynamic and of course it can vary greatly depending on the playlist. But more about all that at a later date.

These items will be recognizable in the open world, and the grappling hook was shown in the game show to traverse the topography or lure the Master Chief towards his enemies.

Halo Infinite: everything we know about the Xbox flagship game

Furthermore, several new weapons were shown, such as an exiled busted plasma fuel weapon titled Ravager, with a blade at the end to increase melee damage. Mangroves is a banished pistol that is slower than UNSC but does more damage. The UNSC shotgun is being replaced by the CQS48 Bulldog, which has a 12 caliber compared to 8. The VK78 command is a new UNSC rifle that protrudes at longer distances. The classic Covenant Carbine is also getting a slight upgrade with the Pulse Carbine.

No multiplayer details were shown during the demo, but it looks like the classic modes will be back. However, it is unclear whether the actual shooting mechanics will be more reminiscent of recent replays of Halo 5: Guardians o prior to 343 Industries Halo.

Klobrille added that they weren’t sure how they might work in the game’s campaign, but their implementation will vary on multiplayer maps.

Xbox Games Pass y Microsoft Smart Delivery

The fans who choose Halo Infinite in Xbox One they won’t have to buy the game again when they upgrade to the X Series, as it will be part of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system. This means that all copies of Xbox One come with an Xbox Series X version of the game at no additional cost.

Even better, Halo Infinite will be included in the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has been trying to heavily promote this service by filling it with great games of its own, and something as popular as Halo Infinite it will surely give the platform a great boost. Gamers interested in trying the service can usually get the first month for just a dollar, which means it could be a cheap way to get the next title.

Motor Slipspace

Halo Infinite: everything we know about the Xbox flagship game

For the past few years, 343 Industries has been busy building a new engine for Halo Infinite. Lee says the new engine “empowers creative teams to achieve detail and performance that no other version of Halo has ever delivered” and will allow them to capture “intimate stories like the moments witnessed at Discover Hope.”

The images we’ve seen so far come from this new engine, but we haven’t seen the actual game of Halo Infinite in action. Regardless, the images seem to be a huge step forward for the Halo franchise. Gamers on both console and PC should be happy with Infinite’s new art direction.

Concern about microtransactions (payments)

One of the biggest concerns of any release these days when it will be packed with microtransactions and loot boxes. It seems likely that Halo Infinite will include some form of payment, the details of which are still not entirely clear, but will not feature “real money loot boxes.”

What’s going on with the beta edition?

It seems like, Halo Infinite it will not have a typical beta version. Community manager John Junyszek posted a blog late last year mentioning the game’s Flight Programs, which will be small test options that will work similarly to those of Halo: Master Chief Collection. Anyone interested in learning more should sign up for the Halo Insider program, where they can sign up for the opportunity to participate in these new programs.

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