“Everything went well, it’s ticklish but quick”


Since Saturday, passengers from sixteen countries must undergo a rapid test for Covid-19 upon their arrival at the airport in France. At Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, the emphasis is on the fluidity of the landing procedure.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, please prepare passport and Covid-test” … Since Saturday August 1, screening tests for Covid-19 are mandatory for passengers, French nationals or having a permanent residence in France, coming from sixteen countries, including the United States, Brazil, India, Israel, and even Algeria, where the virus is actively circulating.

At Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, priority has been placed on speed and fluidity. As soon as they land, the passengers are separated into two groups. “The filter we do here is to ask people if they have a PCR test, explains the director of operations of Roissy, Bastien Bernard. If they have a PCR test, we put a distinctive sticker on the passport that will allow them to pass without stopping at the screening center. ” Bernard, he had to stop there, he did not have time to do his test in Brazil. “Everything went well, it’s ticklish but it’s perfect, fast, no problems”, he smiles as he leaves. The same obligation is imposed on Diam, who arrives from Miami. “I find it practical, plus it only takes two minutes, so it’s great”, she says.

Fortunately there is that, I am more serene. I’m really happy to do it.


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Speed ​​is written into the specifications of the Eurofins laboratory, which carries out part of these tests. For medical biologist Frédéric Duffier, “the stake was (…)

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