F1 – British GP


Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), winner on Sunday at Silverstone despite a puncture on the last lap, admits to having had a few cold sweats. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, winner): “Valtteri (Bottas) attacked really hard the whole race, and I was doing my best to manage the tires. When I heard he had a puncture, I looked at mine carefully, but everything seemed to be fine. The car was running smoothly, so I figured it was going to last until the end. read also Hamilton wins … on three wheels I still slowed down in the last laps to manage, and in the middle of a straight line, the tire exploded. I really believed at the time that my heart was going to give up, because I didn’t know what was going to happen when braking. I saw that the tire was going to leave the rim. I almost couldn’t get past the last two corners, but it turned out well for us. read also Give a rating to the British GP My engineer was giving me the info on the gap with Verstappen. I believe there were 30 seconds at one point, but it started to drop very quickly. I still wondered when this round was going to end … I could hear the gap counting. Nine seconds, eight, seven …. I had never experienced such a last lap. My heart almost stopped. “


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