F1 – British GP


Without the incidents at the end of Sunday’s race at Silverstone, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) admitted he could never have finished on the podium. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari – 3rd), at the microphone of Canal +: “I’m totally enjoying the last two crazy laps, but that’s how it is, it’s part of the race. For our part, we did everything perfectly, although we did not have a crazy performance in the race, especially with the rather aggressive downforce that we had chosen for the weekend. We didn’t have a lot of downforce but we still managed to get a good result. Without the Valtteri incident (Bottas), we would have already finished 4th, which was still a very good result. I am very satisfied, even if the potential of the car is not what we want. ” Max Verstappen (Red Bull – 2e) : “I am both lucky and unlucky. But in the race they were too fast anyway. The tires didn’t seem to be in great shape at one point, about ten laps from the finish. So I said on the radio that I was going to slow down. Then we made this stop so that I could go and find the best lap. And unfortunately, Lewis (Hamilton)had a flat tire. But I’m still very happy with this second place, it’s a very good result for us. I had a pretty lonely race, I was just trying to keep my pace and take care of the tires. »Read also Hamilton got hot Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes – 11e) : “I was unlucky for sure. The puncture occurred at the worst part of the circuit. Lewis (Hamilton) had better luck. It wasn’t my day, and you couldn’t predict what was going to happen with the tires. I felt a few vibrations at the wheel with the puncture, but nothing extraordinary. It was okay, and the tire temperatures were okay. When the vibrations got more and more intense, I decided to take it easy, but suddenly the puncture came. It’s a big disappointment. “


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