F1 – British GP


Who shone at Silverstone? Who missed it? Find our notebook of the British Grand Prix, won Sunday by Lewis Hamilton, with more or less bad faith.Lewis Hamilton: 19/20 Untouchable Saturday during qualifying (three tenths ahead of Valtteri Bottas, one second on the 3rd, Max Verstappen), Lewis Hamilton rose to indestructible status on Sunday. While his team-mate Valtteri Bottas suffered his puncture at the start of the circuit, the Briton was hit later in his lap, allowing him to save his victory for 5 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. Even though his heart almost stopped, Hamilton was lucky in his misfortune. As if the gods of F1 wanted to carry him to his seventh title. Which seems to him already promised after only four races. Too bad for the suspense! Pirelli tires: 18/20 We must take this 18/20 as a thank you to the Pirelli tires for saving the 5th round of the Championship from a terrible boredom, not an evaluation of their quality on the Silverstone track. This track, as we have known for years, is very demanding on the tires, and it proved it again in the last three laps of the race. Three punctures, all at the front-left, for Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, which upset the classification and created some suspense over the outcome of the race. And to think that next weekend, Italian tires will be even softer, and therefore more fragile. Renault: 15/20 Twenty points scored in a single race for Renault. To find such a performance, we have to go back to the Italian Grand Prix last season. Fourth and sixth, Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon regained color after a dull race in Hungary. Admittedly, they took advantage of Bottas and Sainz’s woes at the end of the race, like several other drivers, but the overall performance of the French team is to be highlighted. His two drivers in Q3 on Saturday, then in the top 6 on Sunday. Is the Renault season finally launched? Pierre Gasly: ​​14/20 No doubt in his heart of hearts, when he saw that he had finished ahead of Alex Albon, who recovered his seat at Red Bull last season, Pierre Gasly had to smile. Since the start of the season, the Frenchman has obtained results which surpass the potential of his AlphaTauri, and he did so again on Sunday. Author of two superb overtaking on Vettel and Stroll to get 9th place, Gasly has wings in his car. We would like to know what Christian Horner thinks about it … Alex Albon: 8/20 In opposition to Gasly, Alex Albon has had a tough weekend in Great Britain. And his team feels that he is not at the top at the moment since it has changed its race engineer and brought back the one who officiated with Daniel Ricciardo (a change that the French had requested last year, from elsewhere). After his crash during Free Practice 2, the Thai failed to raise his level. Twelfth in qualifying, so far from Verstappen, relegated out of the top 10 in the race after his collision with Magnussen, Albon only regained a little life in the last quarter of the race, which allowed him to climb to 8th square. When his teammate got on his 3rd podium of the season Racing Point: 7/20 While we could already see them on the Grand Prix podium, the only ones capable of competing with the Mercedes, the Racing Points did only slowly but surely decline throughout the weekend. The announcement of Sergio Perez’s positive test and his replacement by Nico Hülkenberg were nevertheless well managed, and Lance Stroll dominated free practice 2. But then … Qualifying went less well than expected (Stroll 6th, Hülkenberg 13th), the German could not participate in the race because of a problem detected on his car just before the start, and the Canadian was very far from the pace of the Mercedes and the Red Bull of Verstappen. But even Gasly’s McLarens, Renaults and AlphaTauri were faster. His 9th place is ultimately a lesser evil. Sebastian Vettel: 6/20 How far will Sebastian Vettel fall this season? Seeing a quadruple world champion so picking up is painful … Tenth on the grid after a Friday and Saturday marked by technical problems beyond his responsibility, the German just had no pace in the race. And if Leclerc managed to hide this deficit of power and speed, Vettel did not. He did not overtake a single driver and he even experienced the humiliation of being overtaken by an AlphaTauri, that of Gasly, also equipped with an Italian engine. And without the end-of-race incidents, he would have finished 12th.


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