Faced with the controversy, Domino’s Pizza withdraws its improbable commercial offer for the “Karens”


A “Karen” is a middle-aged white mother who is considered obnoxious. It’s actually a first name used as an insult in recent years on social media in the United States for women who behave badly in public: surly, bad faith, selfish and racist. More recently, it is used for women who refuse to wear protective masks, especially in Australia. In New Zealand, Domino’s Pizza had launched a promotion for “nice Karens” but had to withdraw its offer, facing an outcry, according to the BBC. Some have called the initiative “deaf” because it ignores problems under the insult “Karen” and rewards a privilege.

Domino’s pizza had posted a message on the chain’s Australian and New Zealand Facebook pages, “calling on all nice Karens” to come forward. Women with this first name then had to send a text to convince the brand of their kindness, rehabilitating the first name and wanting to “bring people together and celebrate all the good Karens by offering them a free pizza!” read the marketing message, relayed by the New Zealand Herald. But the offer was immediately criticized: many felt that the “anti Karen” movement affected only privileged white women. “If a few women called Karen can’t stand this meme, they should try to endure 400 years of oppression,” one Twitter post said, for example. “Karen does not need to be defended” writes another user.

The insult “Karen” itself considered racist

Others have asked Domino’s to take care of real causes instead, such as giving pizza to those who really need it, the homeless for example. However, many also believe that the insult itself is racist and misogynistic since it targets a category of the population. Domino’s has decided to apologize and withdraw the offer in New Zealand. She just wanted to “give

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